Buy better toner to reduce printing costs

In this review we look at the balance between service costs for printers and toner costs for printers. In summary, if you buy quality toner then the cost of servicing your printer will be reduced and overall your printing costs will be lower.

Same Day Service offer a range of toners and service printers, so we understand the balance between servicing and toner costs well.

Many small businesses are naturally looking to minimise costs and it can be easy to think that all toner is the same quality but just different prices. Here we let you know that toner quality significantly affects your printing quality and also your repair costs. We recommend you spend a bit more to get quality toner.

From a simple balance of long term printer costs Vs service costs you will spend less overall when you get better toner. If you are small business and your printer stops working at a crucial time and you don’t have a spare printer the lost revenue costs can be much higher.

For many small businesses getting their printer serviced and repaired is a task they don’t really enjoy. Same Day Service understands this and are here to make your printers work.

Other ways of reducing printer costs are to avoid breakdowns. The best ways to do this ensure you read the manual of your printer on proper usage techniques. It is also advisable to clean your printer well and regularly. It is also worth keeping in mind that small problems which might become serious with time and costly to repair.

If you want to have a quality printing provider to minimise printer repair costs contact Same Day Laser. We are a qualified and experienced printer repair service providers who will ensure your printer works efficiently.

We provide same day service in the city, North Shore and North Sydney. We get to you fast. Just pick up your phone and call us to discuss your business’s specific requirements with one of our expert technicians today.

You can rely on the trusted and reliable resources of Same Day Laser for your printer needs. We are Sydney’s first choice for printer repairs and servicing of your Brother, HP or Lexmark Printers. We travel to the city, North Shore and North Sydney.

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